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Using blockers to bluff the river

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  • Using blockers to bluff the river

    Can anyone explain how card blockers and inverse blockers work when you want to bluff the river?

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    Example 1

    Board T4Q5K and you have JJ; you hand is probably beat by a Kx or better but you could potentially bluff shove the river because you have 2 Jacks which means its much less likely your opponent has the nut str8 therefore you can represent the nuts

    Example 2

    Board 3s6sJs and you have As9h - you know your opponent a) doesn't have the nut flush AND also has a significantly reduced number of flushes in their range


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      As for the inverse blockers, in that case you DON'T want to have cards in your hand that could be part of a busted hand for your opponent.

      Classic example is when the flush draw misses on the river. If you don't have any of that suit in your hand, then it makes it (slightly) more likely that your opponent is able to have the busted flush draw, so if he makes a big bet, you can add a little to the possibility that he's bluffing.

      IMO, these blockers don't seem as useful as the straight blockers, simply because there are 13 cards of each suit and only 4 of each rank, so the latter is a more significant "block."


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        Originally posted by MOUSE85
        This is actually something different than what OP is asking about. This webinar is about making an OOP bet on the river to prevent your opponent from making a bigger bet.