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Faraz Jaka - stats on HUD

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  • Faraz Jaka - stats on HUD

    I watched the Faraz Jaka live stream on today, I wanted to see if he any any stats in hus HUD display I might add to mine.

    He includes 3 stats I don't recognize - TP FP and DB. Does anyone know what they might be?

    Click image for larger version

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    I'd guess that DB is donk bet.

    Racking my brain for the other 2 but nothing coming to me yet. Will have a look through PT4 once I've finished my morning coffee.


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      I think FP -Fold To Probe
      TP - Turn Probe


      • LondonImp
        LondonImp commented
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        Ah this makes sense.

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      Good work all - Donk Bet, Probe Turn and Probe River all make sense - and I was able to find them all in Poker Tracker. Thanks.
      Now I just need to figure out what to do with them. Obviously you need more than 1,000 hands for thee probe bets to be significant.


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        The probe stats are a useful indicator when deciding on your flop checking strategy.

        If you know you are going to face a frequent probe bet, then you're going to need to protect your checking range better than against a more passive opponent.

        I used to face a regular opponent at 50nl who over-folded to flop cbets but his probe bet (or maybe it was bet IP facing no cbet) was almost 100. This gave me the opportunity to extract an extra bet out of him with my thin value hands by checking instead of cbetting.

        Stats are okay to consider in isolation, but it's when we combine them all that we get a stronger understanding of our opponents' approach to poker and can find some small (or sometimes really big) ways to exploit them.