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Late stage tournament adjustments

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  • Late stage tournament adjustments

    I have been playing a lot of online poker this year (10 to 20 tournaments a day). I think I have made a lot of progress in my game. However, over the past 6 months i have been on a terrible downswing. Been that long since i last made a final table. I play a lot of big field events (1000 - 5000 entries). I seem to be making it quite deep on a frequent basis however i seem to be running of out luck when i'm in the final 50 to 100.

    What are the adjustments that I should be making in the final 100 of a big field tournament? I think the closest I have reached is 30th in the past 6 months. Need help now! Thank you!

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    Hi george.

    The easiest adjustment is to simply play smaller field tournaments. The more entries the higher the variance and the longer the periods of downswings. Extended downswings are simply part of the game when you're playing such large MTTs. The payoffs are rarer but a lot bigger to compensate.

    Regarding what adjustments you should make to your strategy, well this depends entirely on what you're doing at the moment.

    Congrats on the large volume, that's a challenge all by itself.


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      You cant underestimate the variance in large field MTTs, even if you are playing perfectly in every spot. Just the basic maths assuming everybody in the field is of equal talent you will only FT 1 in 100-500 MTTs. When you had in normal variance, the variance fish create, the differeing skill levels, not being on your A game ect ect you can see that it's not uncommon to go long stretches (300-1000mtts) without making an FT, then you have to make the top 3 places to make it count!

      as Londonimp said - mix in a lot more smaller field MTTs if you can, or even some SNGs (as these are excellent practice for the final couple of tables in an MTT, and ICM spots)


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        PS well worth spending some time researching MTT variance, its a real eye opener but will help you stay grounded through the dry stretches.


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          helps if you provide more detail such as relative strength and weakness , graph.


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            and reduce volume. I don't understand why people would assume they are winning players on a downswing. What if you area break even player or worse?


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              Tournament Variance Calculator | Primedope


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                If it's going wrong consistently, it's not luck. You should focus on making adjustments instead of even thinking about luck. You may have even had bad luck, but thinking about it can only hurt you.

                You should start by thinking about where you may be going wrong. I can tell you for starters a HUGE leak for some players is not paying enough attention to how people are playing at your table, you can exploit the shit out of people in all kinds of ways when you do.


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                  you story is exactly my story. Nice deep runs but then it goes wrong. I am also planning to play smaller size fields and i will let someone have a look at my tournament hands. Maybe i got a blind spot and which is a good great leak. I recommend you can do the same thing. If you are not making deadly errors along the way than it is just variance i guess.