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when you face 3 street bet with second pair?

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  • when you face 3 street bet with second pair?

    Hello this is bounty hunter sunday special 52.50$ tournament on gg poker. Blind 300/150. i am 21.87 bounty villain have 12.50 bounty. Villain raise 2x from co with 12.000 stack i have no info villain he has %23 vipip. i am call big blind with KdQs 18.000 stack. Flop Ah Kh 3c he make 633 c-bet for 1700 pot. İ call. Turn 5d he bet 2024 for 2976 pot. İ think call still is standart and right play. River 7d and he again bet 4777 for 7024 pot. İ need %28. There is miss flush draw combo. İ thought he make 3 street bluf like hands jto, jts, qjo, 98s, t9s, t8s . Also he may not three street bet like a2s, a4s probaly he bet strong a , two pair and with set. for that reason i call. What do you think should ı call this bluff catcher? you think what is good my hand a bluff catcher? You think which hands he may bet 3 street value bet or bluff bet? İ think he good call for gto wiew. But mid stake poker player don't like bluff enough and maybe i don't catch %28 long term?

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    I fold here for sure.

    The population doesn't triple barrel anywhere near often enough for this to be a call.

    Even from a GTO perspective I don't think this is a call. We defend a huge number of Ax hands from the BB so we are actually quite far down in our range here. Potentially right at the bottom.


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      then i should turn call river fold yes? and ı should call just with a. If i have for example A6o ı should call or fold you think?


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        Yeah, call turn and fold river seems like the correct line to me.

        If we had A6o if it would be very tough, but I'm probably still finding a fold here. If the guy is aggressive (or just a strong opponent) then we probably need to call.

        Considering the size of the villain's turn bet, we shouldn't have many busted draws in our range, so our hand would be very face up.

        How many players at these stakes do you think would fold top pair? Our opponent should be taking that into consideration before attempting a bluff.