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when you short stack and you have top pair.

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  • when you short stack and you have top pair.

    this is 20$ turbo tournament gg poker. last 21 player. Average stack: 123000 My Stack: 153.000 i have no info villain. Blinds: 10000/5000But he has tight vpip stat like %20. He raise from co 2.1. He has 188.000 chip. İ call with QhJs from big blind. Flop Jh8h7s pot: 55.750 he bet 16.000 i want to re-raise 45.000. i though i have strong top pair i should value and protect big cards like a,k. He all-in and i have just 85.000 chip behind for 317.000 chip for that reason i call. İf i am deep stack absuletly i prefer just call flop but i am 15 big blind and ı though top pair is enough for this. What do you think this hand? maybe still i should just call flop or i may fold when he make all-in because my kicker is not very good?

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    Preflop the defend is standard.

    On the flop we have top pair with an low SPR (roughly 2.5) so I'm check-raising all in. I would want to do this with my weaker pairs and my draws too, so top pair strengthens this range.

    Re-raising for about 50% of your stack is not a good play. If any bet/raise is going to commit more than 30% of your stack just put it all in.