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I am halfway through the tourney master class and I just won a tourney!

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  • I am halfway through the tourney master class and I just won a tourney!

    I finally took the plunge on Black Friday and signed up for premium. I am about 60 percent through the tournament master class .... and tonight I won a 47-player tourney. It’s my poker league on Poker Stars. Most of the players are pretty terrible so I’ve been kind of disappointed that I haven’t been crushing them. I had been profiting but not as much as I expected.

    anyway, I have already picked up a lot of little things from the master class that I had never really thought about.

    My favorite hand of the tourney was one straight out of the class....

    i am the big stack with about 70 BBs in the BB and another guy with about 50 BBs is in the CO. He was playing pretty tight and straightforward.

    He raised and I called with 96s. Flop comes 457, two spades. He bet 10 BBs, which was a little too big for straight odds on the OESD, but I decided that this was a spot where I can really try to build my stack to win the thing. I knew that flop would offer me a lot of possibilities even if I didn’t catch my straight.

    Turn was another 4. I led for about 14 into a pot of about 27 and he tank folded.

    Anyway, yay me.

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    Congratulations mate!

    It's always so rewarding when it feels like the hard work is paying off.

    Keep up to the good work.


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      Awesome!!! I also just started the new tourney masterclass and its great! Keep up the good work.


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        Just won again. Same group. This time was 6 max and 49 entries.

        yay me!


        • LondonImp
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          Nice work mate, keep it up

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        Update: our group does a $500 tourney every few months. On Monday I won a $50 sat to get in (I had the most chips when the 4 seats were awarded).

        The tourney was last night and I took third of 50 for $4470.

        so since I started the tourney master class, I have won three tourneys of 40+ people and finished third in another.


        • Cal42628
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          I don't think it is the course. I went through the same thing : straight first places. It is much easier to have one month of $50,000 than $10,000 every month
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        • LondonImp
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          Cal42628 In the short term, luck does have a higher weighting on our results than skill. But that does not mean skill is not a factor. We also can't control our luck, but we can control our skill. How do we do that? By studying. What do we study? The tournament master class. Therefore the TMC is clearly a factor in the improving results, even if positive variance is also a contributor.

        • JFletch2323
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          Obviously it's a combination of skill and luck. I know there are things I have done in all the tournaments that came directly from what I've added to my game from the classes.

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        I won again tonight. 44 players. $75 buyin. $977 for first.

        Tonight I ran pretty good. I flopped quads against aces, rivered 2 pair to beat aces when I was all in, and flopped a set against a guy with top 2 pair.

        Anyway, this is pretty much the best 6-week stretch of poker in my life. (I also won a 200-player, $109 on Bovada just before joining the site.) I know it’s not all my brilliance but I do feel like I’ve sealed some leaks and I’m making better decisions.


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          this week I took 3rd in a $125 and 2nd in a $50 for a net of $1200.

          of course i still stink at NL2 cash games!