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3-betting, linear vs. polarized

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  • 3-betting, linear vs. polarized

    It seems to me that this is a general guideline....

    In position: polarized
    out of position: linear

    vs. aggro/good players: polarized
    vs. weak/passive players: linear

    So if that's all fair to say, then what about when those two conflict?

    Say a bad/weak player raises from MP and we're on the button? (Linear or polarized)
    Say a good/aggro player raises from CO and we're in the BB (Linear or polarized)

    I would assume if there are conflicting guidelines, you have to just stick with the value portion of the range, so the only time you're really 3-betting a polarized range, is in position against a good/aggro player?

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    We want to be using a polarized strategy when we think Villain is more likely to do a lot of folding and 4-betting, and a linear strategy when we think they're mostly going to call our 3-bets.In general when we're OOP we want to be linear because most players will do more calling IP. We also are generally polarized on the button, because we can have more of a calling range than in other positions because we're less likely to get squeezed.

    We really need to be thinking about what we think Villain is most likely to do and what we want to happen. Is the bad weak player in MP a nit or a calling station, against a station linear makes more sense, against a nit polarized makes more sense. What if they were a super nit who folds everything but TT+ AQ+ to a 3-bet? Then we could get wayyy out of line and only 3-bet bluff, of course we rarely have info this clean. A good agro CO is just not going to over-fold so we wouldn't want to be polarized from the BB. But we might want to make an adjustment depending on what we think of "good agro. We generally 3-bet a pretty wide linear range from the BB with some "bluffs" for board coverage, but if they're going to 4-bet a ton, or if they're going to call wide then apply a lot of aggression post-flop we probably want to narrow our range.

    Just have to look at each situation with the info you have