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Monitor and analyze your Hold'em starting hands

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  • PokerShaman
    Given that the strength of a two-card hand depends critically on stack depth (pocket aces is the winningest hand at shallow stack depths; but for extremely deep stacks the winningest hand is suited ace-ten) I don't see how this tool can be useful as described.

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  • TheNewGuy
    started a topic Monitor and analyze your Hold'em starting hands

    Monitor and analyze your Hold'em starting hands

    This online tool lets you monitor and analyze your Hold'em starting hands, to see if you are receiving cards that are better or worse than an average deal:

    Just click the 1st Hole Card and 2nd Hole Card, and the Totals will be recalculated. If the cards are Suited, select the checkbox at the top before clicking the Hole Card buttons.

    Ranking: The 169 possible Starting Cards combinations are Ranked from 0 (7-2 offsuit) to 100 (AA). The normal Avg. Ranking is 41.4, because pairs (which have a higher ranking) occur less often than unpaired cards.

    Random Hands: You may generate up to 100,000 Random Hands, to confirm the laws of probability. 10,000 hands only take a few seconds, and 100,000 hands may take up to 60 seconds. You will notice a much greater variance when fewer random hands are generated.