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  • Implied odds question

    Just watched the "facing a 3bet 60bb deep' section of the masterclass. He goes deep into implied odds and the formula. IO=(Amount Remaining In Villain's Stack+Pot)/call amount

    Then on the quiz, specifically questions 2 and 3. You have suited connectors and based on the villain's 3bet, is it profitable to continue. They are posed as implied odds questions. In question 2 you have 18/1, the answer was yes to continue. You dont have the 20/1 needed but you are in position and A10s does seem fine to continue. The last question though is this

    You raise to 2.75bbs out of your 60bb stack with 9-8s from the lojack. A strong player on the button 3-bets to 7.5bbs. Should you continue? If im doing the math correct and assuming 60 is the effective stack (52.5+17.5)/4.75=14.7/1. Given you out of position against a strong player and not getting good enough implied odds why is this a profitable call?

    Thanks for any responses, the masterclass to this point is excellent. I may have missed a reason why this would have been a call as I was pausing and taking notes during this section

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    I agree that based on the instructions given during the video, question 3 should be a fold.


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      I answered this in discord and to me it was a fold as well