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am i tighter than the solver on the river ?

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  • am i tighter than the solver on the river ?

    solver says

    preflop call (24% of the time) or raise 76% of the time

    it is very interesting to see that the solver raises the utg player 100% of the time with for instance KcQc, Kc,Jc (i would think those are prime flatting hands)

    bencb one said those hands play nice postflop so you can play them aggressively

    JL said it all depends how you structure your whole range , but it is known he loves flatting here with KsQs, Ks,Js, JsQs

    however once hero flats preflop and faces the tiny cbet of the utg he is supposed to fold here on the flop 90% of the time !

    side note solver loves to raise small sometimes with Tc8c, T9c9c, J9c, Jd8d JcTc and so on (especialy hands where you have no bdfd, but overcards and bdsd)

    as played on the turn facing the big bet solver prefers calling 100% of the time

    on the river this is a crystal clear fold

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    I'm not a fan of 3betting this hand against UTG personally, I would flat or fold.

    I would definitely fold or raise the flop here. I don't see the point of peeling with QJs.UTG range will have you dominated quite often even when you hit (he could easily have KQ,AQ, KJ/AJ if the J hits).
    Raising certainly makes sense as 573 is a much better board for you having all sets here. At least that's how I see it.


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      thx i flatted mainly because of the bdfd and it was such a tiny cbet