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how would you play flop and turn ?

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  • how would you play flop and turn ?

    this is an interesting hand to review

    i dont like my turn checking action for some reason

    i think if i check raise flop I am supposed to fire on the turn ?

    lets say what the solver says

    preflop call 100% (raise always pot with all nut hands and with Ac5c, Ac4c, KcQc and raise sometimes pot with other parts of your range)

    flop you are indifferent between checking and betting small , solvers open checks 95% of the time

    given vilian cbets small hero is supposed to call the cbet 100% of the time , raising is a small mistake EV wise

    if you want to check raise solver prefers having hands like AcTc, Ac9d, JcTc, 33, AcJc, KoQo

    turn as played solver wants me to check 66% of the time and to bet half pot 34% of the time

    so checking is indeed better , it is just tough to get called by worse (unless draws) hands after villian called your check raise

    as played on the river betting small 100% is the play, it is a little better than checking, so solver does it 100% of the time

    all in all i made the correct preflop, turn and river decisions

    the flop check raise with a mmh no front door draw is very questionable

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    Preflop: I fold or 3bet depending on RFI tendencies.
    Flop: Not sure you should raise here very often. You don't have range advantage as you can't really have QQ and KK, you would 3bet these preflop.
    Turn: no clue, I guess betting is superior as you are a bit too obvious when you check here.
    River: I like the block bet.