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should I have bet at any point in the hand ?who has range advantage & nut advantage ?

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  • should I have bet at any point in the hand ?who has range advantage & nut advantage ?

    solver says

    raise preflop

    on the flop EV wise you are indifferent between betting half pot and checking but solver prefers to bet 86% of the time

    who has the nut advantage ?

    the bet sizing is actually understandable , half pot because the board is that wet , betting frequently with this part of your range because a lot of good things can happen , villian can fold, hero can get a fd, can turn a straight or a top pair

    what would you say , who has the range advantage ?

    who has the nut advantage ?

    I would venture to say bot players can easily have all sets and straights , so no one has the nut adavantage

    hero has more premium starting hands than villian given villian only flats ,so hero might have a small range adavantage

    and you should bet frequently and not large if you have the range advantage but not the nut adavantage ...

    is this the correct explanation for the suggested action by the solver ?

    on the turn EV wise you are indifferent between betting quarter pot and checking but solver prefers to check 61% of the time

    checking is the default here

    i guess this is because when the 7 pairs the board equities run even closer meaning no one has the real range adavantage anymore and still no one has the nut adavantage so betting big doesnt make sense (no one has the nut adavantage) and betting frequently doesnt make sense either (no one has real range advantage)

    on the river EV wise you are indifferent between betting half pot and checking but solver prefers to check 85% of the time

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    I would say easy check on the flop. Even though both can have the nuts, SB should have a more condensed range of nuts, as they don't have AA, KK, QQ, JJ. Which are marginal on this flop anyways.

    When he doesn't bet the flop and turn, he caps his range immensely. Just bet the turn, population overfolds to delayed cbets.
    I am surprised to see him with Q10s. He should bet the turn good for his range as he can't really win otherwise with Q high. I thought he has something like 22,33,55 going for showdown.


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      Hero does not have nut advantage and barely has range advantage.

      Think of it this way - its not just what each of you could have, its where each of your range is weighted. Hero can have all pairs, all suited aces, suited broadways and a few suited connectors - but the range is weighted heavily toward bigger cards because he is in MP.

      V, due to calling and not raising, should not have the higher pairs or higher broadways. This weights his range more to middle pairs and middling suited connectors. V has a range that hits 678 more often than it hits hero's range. Yes, both of you can have sets here, but sets consist of a significantly higher portion of V's range. V also has a straight a lot more often (from MP, hero may never have a straight actually), one of you has 2 pair a lot more often (again, hero may never have 2p here). V also has all the solid draws. Hero can have overpairs while V cannot, which is why he has a slight range advantage.

      You are betting ATs sometimes and not others when you have the FD or the backdoor FD as in this case. But mostly you are checking. The ATs is a bluff which protects your betting range, to make sure your bets aren't skewed heavily toward value and players can't exploit you with overfolds. But a lot of your range is checking here, due to it hitting a larger section of V's range than yours.


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        I would bet flop and I don't know difference between range and nut advantage.