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Which Top pairs to bet?

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  • Which Top pairs to bet?


    Doing a homework here on Poker Coaching I ran into a doubt

    40BB effective stacks.

    Villain: HJ opens 2BB
    Hero: CO calls

    Villain: Checks

    The following image is my flop strategy

    Click image for larger version

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    In previous home-works Jonathan Little recommends to bet some Queens and check others to have good hands in your check-back range

    However, I was thinking, isn't it best to check the strong Queens (AQ and AK) and bet with the worst ones (Q9-QJ)?

    The reason I think it's best to bet with the lowest kickers it's because I don't want to see an Ace or King on turn, and if I check with AQ and AK, I don't need to worry about an over cards come 50% of the time.

    I want the opinion of you and some insights if my thought process is correct if not why?


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    Originally posted by lfap View Post
    I don't need to worry about an over cards come 50% of the time.
    Where are you getting this 50% from?

    An A or a K will hit the turn ~16% of the time. Far less than 50%.

    We want to be betting our strongest hands in poker because we are trying to extract value from our opponents' worse hands. The stronger our hand is, the more of our opponents' hands we beat.

    We could certainly bet more of our Qx here, but the problem is, as you'll have seen yourself, is that it's very hard to come up with enough bluffs to balance this out. If we bet more Qx we would need to use a smaller bet size.

    As an aside, I don't like using JTo as a bluff here. In my opinion you'd be better using some Ax hands with a backdoor flush draw as the A is an effective blocker, and we can continue barrelling on any spade turn.


    • lfap
      lfap commented
      Editing a comment
      The 50% is when I decide to check with AQ and KQ only.
      If I check with AQ the only over card that scares me is a K
      If I check with KQ the only over card that scares me is a A
      Because the other over card helps me, so that's why 50%.

      And thanks, when you said "extract value from our opponent's worse hands" makes total sense now.

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    I think your calling range is way to wide so it's really hard to comment on this beyond that.

    You're going to the flop with almost 2x more than we should be. It's certainly ok to be a little a loose passive I suppose but I think you will benefit more from finding a few 3! bluff type combos and call with a little less speculative stuff.

    You can trim 48 combos by just folding QJo JTo QTo KTo. Then 3! ATo and AJo, sometimes KJo if the HJ is opening to wide then calling to much. I also like using A8s A6s, that is 32 more combos not going to the flop as calls.

    Constructing a fundamentally sound pre-flop range makes it easier to play post flop.
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