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Did I play this correctly, or terribly?

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  • collin_sterling
    commented on 's reply
    Yeah youre right. I like checking flop here, then betting turn and river. I also need to limp more in this spot. appreciate the feedback

  • Guido
    If you raise , raise bigger 3.5 x

    But i Limp here most often ( it plays better , you cannot get easily exploited by getting raised from the ip Player and in mtt keeping Variance lower is not such a Bad thing .. , if you Limp in with all or most of your range you do not cap your range)

    As PlayEd i think you Played it like a cash game hand but in mtt there are other laws

    If you bluff here you should make a Decision

    Do you want to bluff one street with a small bet for instance a small river bet if it went check check flop and turn or with a cbet on flop

    Or Do you want to make a big bluff so that you can go allin on the river with a potsize bet left starting with more than 100 bb effectively

    But betTing 66 percent postize on the rivet here is a spew . If you play cg with the same villians every time or you play vs very strong players it could be fine but not in a tournament

    I i raised 3x pre i would cbet small 25% potsize and check sometimes . This is a very dry Board. Villan calls preflop with a lot of ax

    If i get called i am done most often with the hand unless it comes an A , K , T , J , Q

    This is why checking the flop can be a nice option trying to get closer to Showdown

    Little less than 50 percent flop bet sizing is unnecesarily big

    turn here you block villlian having a straight . This is where i would start a triple Barrel but you must go allin on river . I would bet pot turn and go allin river here

    Villian would have folded almost his entire range

    This is why this strategy is actual not risky although it seems very risky

    But if Villian folds almost his entire range it is not risky , it fails some % of the time but this is worth the risk !
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  • collin_sterling
    started a topic Did I play this correctly, or terribly?

    Did I play this correctly, or terribly?

    In the early to middle stages of a tournament, it folds to me in the small blind with Kh 9s. The villain and I are both more than 100 big blinds deep.
    I raise about 3x, loose passive BB calls.
    Flop comes Js 5d Ac
    I c-bet a little less than half pot, BB calls.
    Turn is the Qd.
    I double barrel half pot, BB calls.
    River is a blank 3h.
    My thought process was that I have blockers to K10 for the straight, all the flush draws missed, and I've only represented something strong. I think he raises me with AK, AQ, and probably AJ. This runout should heavily favor my range.
    I decide to triple barrel 2/3 pot. Opponent tanks for a long time, decides to call with Jc 4c.
    This was a big swing in the tournament, winning would have made me chip leader, but losing put me barely above average chip stack.
    So, did I play this correctly or terribly? Please give me some feedback, I would love to hear what y'all think about this hand.