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what do you think about my line ?

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  • what do you think about my line ?

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    nobody knows why you do what you do.


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      on the turn i could rep a made straight and i wanted to start building a pot to bet big on the river , when villain calls the turn bet he capps his range on this scary board so I overbet river with my flushes and with , other scary river cards e.g. 8, 9 T J, 7 , 6


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        is this mother punking u crazie eddy ?


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          I don't think so. I mean it could be. The IP is on a new server tho but it sure sounds like him lol. At any rate one more troll post and it will be blocked too.

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        solver says

        preflop call 100 % of the time

        flop open check 100% of the time

        facing the 109 bet on flop i am supposed to call 100% of the time

        on turn solver prefers to open check 100% of the time

        donking small is also an +EV option but checking has almost 2x EV compared to donking

        on the river solver clearly prefers checking (marginal made hand) but you can also (block) bet small or max 50% potsize

        solver doesnt love going allin on river at all


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          I fear you will be called a lot there.


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            maybe best flip the situation and see what solver calls.


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              I love those Situation in mtt where you make a huge bluff overbet and villian tanks for forever and finally folds

              You already know it is 90 % likely he folds

              He also knows it but he doesnt love it at all but if he is wrong he is out

              This was such a Situation


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                This does not seem like a great hand to do this with.

                We simply have too much showdown to be turning this into a bluff.


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                  3 years ago I read a very good book from dusty Schmidt he said people always think they have sv so they dont turn hands into bluff .

                  This is on the Board 3rd pair . Do you really think it is enough ?

                  do you often turn marginal made hands into a bluff ?

                  Try do it more often


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                    I try to only turn marginal hands into a bluff when I can't find enough "natural" bluffs, if you know what I mean?

                    In this hand, because we've defended the BB, our range is going to be very wide and so if we are also bluffing with our marginal made hands then we are going to be over-bluffing.

                    If we know our opponent is going to over-fold then this could be an okay exploitative move.

                    But in terms of risk v reward I'm not sure this is good.


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                      I know what you mean with natural bluffs

                      But i can remember dusty Schmidt and other coaches say you will often times only win 10%-15% of the time by "Slow playing" your bad mmh and those are often prime candidates candidates of turning into bluffs if the Board runs out scary Combined with other factors

                      There are Several requirements for a good turning into a bluff Situation

                      I will check later whether this fits here referring to dusty Schmidts recommendations
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