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  • hand analysis

    i have analyzed a hand i Played

    solver says

    preflop fold 84% of the time , raise 16% of the time

    flop check back 53% of the time bet 25% potsize 47% of the time

    turn i am supposed to go allin!

    as played on river go allin

    what do you think about going allin on turn ?

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    If that's what solver says, I guess you just memorise it.

    Maybe it is hard without understanding reason behind ?

    This is dumb. You must know its limitation from working with it.
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      unfriendly not meaningful first comment bye bye^^

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      you are giving as little information as possible , trying to take and take.

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    What else does the solver want to go all in with to balance the turn shove?

    I'd imagine most of our strong draws would've been cbet on the flop.


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      I will check and tell later mate

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    does that mean you can always call shove from solver and be right some of the time ?


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      hey london the answer is very interesting see photo


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          Does that mean it doesn't want to balance with any bluffs?


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            Exactly ! Only 44 is an allin and only 75% of the time what do you think about this solution?


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              GTO solutions are built on the assumption that both players in the hand know their opponent's strategy perfectly.

              Therefore I would imagine that there are certain hands in the villains range with almost the exact equity required to make the call indifferent, possibly negating the need for "balance"?

              Not sure, could be way off though.

              In terms of actually implementing the strategy, I would still never be shoving. If there is an action we take with such a small percentage of our range, then the EV we stand to gain by doing it correctly is a lot lower than the EV we can lose by messing it up.

              For example if we're only supposed to open a certain hand 10% of the time, then I'm simply never opening it.

              I think it's best for us to try and stick to the KISS principles to make learning and implementing our strategies as easy and profitable as possible (Keep It Simple, Stupid)