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    In several videos, I’ve heard Jonathan Little talk about an ideal balance between premium made hands, draws, marginal made hands, and junk on the flop, turn and river. The answer seems to change based on the scenario. He’ll make a brief mention of how many draws you want to have compared to premium made hands, or how many marginal made hands you want to have relative to your junk, for example. In the October 2020 homework video, there was a mention that the amount of bluffs you want to have on the river would change based on the minimum defense frequency calculation. Is there a video or resource that can explain what the ideal ratios are for a range on the flop, turn and river, and how that changes depending the size of the bet and minimum defense frequency? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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    As you can probably imagine, there are numerous factors that influence how we build our ranges. Far too many to discuss in a single forum post.

    As a very simplistic rule, we should be aiming for:

    Flop: 2 bluffs per 1 value hand
    Turn: 1 bluff per 1 value hand
    River: 1 bluff per 2 value hands

    Our ratios shouldn't change based on the size of the bet, instead our bet should change based on our ratios. If we end up wanting to play 3 bluffs per 1 value hand then we should be betting bigger. If we have 3 value hands per 1 bluff then we should be betting smaller.

    Have you been through the "Master The Fundamentals" and "Cash Game Masterclass" courses? All of the above should be covered in detail.


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      That is VERY helpful! Thank you!

      I did go through the “Master the Fundamentals” course and took about 10 pages of notes. I used the general outline of that course for my notes, and have been adding to those notes keeping that same general outline as I watch other videos. I next plan to read through JL’s “Mastering Small Stakes NL Hold’em” book. I have looked at some of the “Cash Game Masterclass,” but haven’t seriously delved into that course just yet, but I will. And I’ll go through the “Tournament Masterclass” when that comes out too.

      Thanks again!

    • LondonImp
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      Happy to help

      Feel free to keep asking questions and posting hands for us to look at with you.