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Folding Top Pair Q's and an A kicker

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  • Folding Top Pair Q's and an A kicker

    Oof - I folded my AQ here on the turn after a big all-in raise and a shove of my turn bet.

    I figured one of them had a draw and one had a set.

    Click image for larger version

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    fold, what is the point here ?

    structure also very important, affects everything.

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      That's always very frustrating. But just be thankful you only folded away 33% of the pot I suppose!

      So what happened in the rest of the hand that led to this spot Albert Hart ?


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        The play was not the same as I had remembered.

        This was fairly late in a long (5 hour) online tournament. I was in the top 20% of players at the time of this hand. I wound up placing 24th out of 382 entants.

        1. I chose not to Squeeze Preflop from the BB with AQ. I show rsciero with a VPIP of 12 - which is quite low, - but I he had only been at the table for 19 hands. and I think we were approaching the money bubble, so I didn't want to make the pot too big.
        (Which is also a good reason not to call the turn shove)

        2. I led the turn from the Big Blind - which I virtually never do except as a bluff. (I must have gotten confused. ) If I had checked the turn, which is the correct play for me,, I should simply fold to the bug bet, and especially after a second caller.

        8 handed

        Blinds 400/800/100

        Seat 1: DonaldJim (15752.00)
        Seat 2: rsciero (20800.00)
        Seat 3: Christianiasi (43816.00)
        Seat 4: nuvem (26271.00)
        Seat 5: Pepe L3 Spew (36690.00)
        Seat 6: fit (25454.00)
        Seat 7: Bagged62 (24965.00)
        Seat 8: Athenian2 (59346.00)

        Dealt to Athenian2 [Ah Qd]

        rsciero raises 1760.00 to 1760.00
        nuvem calls 1760.00
        Bagged62 calls 1360.00
        Athenian2 calls 960.00

        *** FLOP *** [Jd 7d As]
        Main pot 7840.00
        Bagged62 checks
        Athenian2 bets 1960.00
        rsciero calls 1960.00
        nuvem folds
        Bagged62 calls 1960.00

        *** TURN *** [Jd 7d As] [8c]
        Main pot 13720.00
        Bagged62 checks
        Athenian2 bets 10290.00
        rsciero raises 16980.00 to 16980.00 and is all-in
        Bagged62 raises 21145.00 to 21145.00 and is all-in
        Athenian2 folds
        Uncalled bet (4165.00) returned to Bagged62

        *** RIVER *** [Jd 7d As 8c] [7c]
        Main pot 57970.00

        *** SHOW DOWN ***
        Main pot 57970.00
        rsciero shows [Ac Qc] (two pair, Aces and Sevens [As Ac 7d 7c Qc])
        Bagged62 shows [Qs Ad] (two pair, Aces and Sevens [As Ad 7d 7c Qs])
        rsciero collected 28985.00 from main pot
        Bagged62 collected 28985.00 from main pot


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          I much prefer squeezing AQo here to 7500 or so and calling off if opener jams; your hand is strong, but does not play well multiway and OOP against all these opponents.