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    Has this note been recently added or has it always been there? I know tons of players use charts while they play so I always assumed it was legal.

    GTO Charts are meant to be used for study purposes.
    Make sure to check the Terms and Conditions of the sites that you play on to see if this is against the rules to use any of these while you're in a poker game.
    If it is against the TOC of the game you are in, you should not use these tools while you play.

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    I really am not optimistic when it comes to a game like poker having to trust my opposition to be fair based on their own merit. Need live poker back


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      I think there is a massive difference between referring to GTO charts and the RTA (real-time assistance) scandal taking place at the moment.


      • kkep
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        Editing a comment
        Agreed, something I would never do. I don't understand how referring to charts that we make matters? I don't use the charts provided here exactly as they are made.