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  • Quiz 1017

    Just wanted to throw myself into learning properly now

    couple things around the turn and river. Lexy says should value bet the river but check the turn. In my mind you would bet the turn as well as the river to keep draws in etc and make them pay? That scored a zero

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    When we're betting for value we need to be sure that we can get called by worse.

    I think the point Lexy is making is that a lot of the time we're only getting called when we're behind which is a disaster.

    However, she does label the opponent as fishy which to me indicates a willingness to call wider than they should so I personally don't think going for thin value is that bad. Checking is a lot better, but zero points seems harsh.


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      Thanks for the reply. I think she was saying at the river that a queen or 8 might call but in my mind that would be the same in the turn with a fishy person

      also if check on the turn I was thinking I’d want to give a chance of a bluff if fish has missed the heart draw...