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Calling Range From Button When The BB Three-Bets?

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  • Calling Range From Button When The BB Three-Bets?

    People are stealing/defending blinds pretty aggressively in my low stakes sit and goes. But how loose/tight should my calling range be? Assume you don't have enough hands for a ready read on the opponent. Here's an example: I 2X on the button with A9 offsuit, BB raises my bet 3X. I typically call in this spot with Ax because I assume they think I'm raising with worse. Wondering if my calling range is too loose—don't want to be spewing chips in this spot. Thanks! Adam
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    It really depends on what the rest of your range looks like.

    Let's look at the maths behind it (assuming no ante as you didn't confirm):

    The villain is risking 5bb to try and win a total of 8.5bb.

    So 5bb / (5bb + 8.5bb) = 5 / 13.5 = 37%.

    This 37% is the frequency which he needs to get you to fold to immediately profit.

    Therefore you need to be defending with at least 63% of your opening range in order to prevent the BB exploiting you. Both 4-bets and flat calls are included in this amount.

    What does your opening range from the BTN look like?

    What is 63% of this?


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      Thanks for breaking it down. Correct, no ante. My 35% opening range attached. 63% of this range folds ATo, 55, and worse.


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