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    In a low stake tournament $40 local online game with a lot of limpers. In the new 25 biggest leaks it says to size up your Preflop raise with limpers. Do you change your starting Hands that you raise with and if so what charts should I follow?

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    I don't know of any charts but I am pretty sure the standard advice is to tighten up and go in with better hands against multiple limpers, and the more limpers the more tight. However, I believe there is an exception to that for hands that particularly play well against multiple limpers, pairs and suited connectors. But perhaps someone who actually knows what they are doing could also respond.


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      Observe how others play and draw your own conclusion.


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        Generally you want to raise limpers with hands you would otherwise open with however if there are multiple limpers who have proven to limp call a ton I do tighten up a bit.
        I don't mind over limping with pocket pairs (22-77, maybe88) and some suited combos that can win big multi-way pots.

        When I'm deep stacked IP I just make a pot sized raise, OOP I size up an extra 1/2 BB, sometimes 1BB.

        Combating Limpers is covered in the PC Content and it is addressed in the upcoming Master Class as well. In fact I seem to remember Jonathan Little even doing a brief free video on this.


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          Today starts 5 day free PCP membership

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