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  • Challenging Eddie

    I’m officially challenging crazyeddie to a heads up nl match. It will be fun. We can post results here
    I work overnight in USA and am available during your daytime hours. Please list all sites that you can play on and I will find one I can also play on. I prefer to play 50nl but will
    play 10nl or 25nl if you prefer that.
    Youve done a lot of talking. A LOT. Some against me, implying that I’m bad. Therefor this is an easy and profitable venture for you.
    I’m sure fellow posters here would be interested in seeing this was well.
    So what do you say? Do you accept my challenge?
    This is a friendly call out of course

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    I am interested in heads up matches.

    But running over another nit doesn't excite me as much .. I prove nothing.

    Really getting yourself worked up ...

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      Do you accept my challenge and if so what stakes and what site?
      again it’s me that’s getting wound up, it has nothing to do with you right?
      Im fully aware you’re here to be an annoying little kid. It’s okay I’ll play your game. It’s enjoyable.
      Eddie. Why are you here? Why do you spend so much time in a site that sucks? Do you not value your time at all?

      Still waiting on your response. Yes or no?


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        For the record, I will also bet $100 on myself to win over a set amount of hands


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          This is a great thread. Good luck guys. I hope this comes off.