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    Hi, first off I apologize if this post is inappropriate. There is a gaming initiative on the Colorado ballot, initiative 257, to increase the betting limits from $100 to whatever the casinos want. The initiative also allows for more games. If 257 passes at the state level the residents of Cripple Creek, Back Hawk and Central City will vote for final passage. If approved we could see NLHE in Colorado by about May 2021.

    If you live in Co please for vote yes on this. Also if you know anyone in Co ask them to support this.


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    Hello. In fact, this is even good, because I will be able to bet an unlimited amount of money, as much as I want


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      Yes, this is convenient for users, but not for the site. The authorities everywhere want to somehow prevent the gambling business. I do not understand why, if a person does not violate the law, and earns good money from it, then why should he somehow be prevented from doing it? I play poker here , and I don't see anything wrong with that. After all, I don't play useless lucky roulette, I think with my head, analyze the game, and then put a card
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        Ah, Colorado poker. My first ever casino poker was at the Midnight Rose in Cripple Creek back in the mid 90s. Is it still there? I should try to get a shirt...


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          Yes, the Rose is still there. It's the only poker room in Cripple Creek. Over the years a few other casinos have tried their hand at poker and eventually closed. My opinion is the poker community is just not large enough to support more poker rooms.

          I'll take this opportunity to share one of my favorite stories about the Rose. Back in the mid 90's the max bet was $5.00 and the most popular game was 7 card stud. The general manager loved his poker room and players. Every Saturday morning he would help start the game by buying in a rack of white chips, ($100). When it was his turn to act he would bet /raise $5.00 every time regardless of this cards. He would do this until he lost his $100.

          OK one other story ( I can't help myself) On New Years eve at midnight he would walk around to every table and throw $100 into the pot!! Good Times.


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            Great idea. To the locals, you are donating money to the game. To the tourists, you are giving the impression of a loose, splashy table and increasing rake.