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Sick flop spot (or is it trivial?)

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  • Sick flop spot (or is it trivial?)

    *I'm going to discuss my thoughts at the bottom of this post, but will leave the first part spoiler free for those who don't like the result included*

    Playing 50nl 9max

    In this hand, HJ (around $30 stack) limps. I ($124) limp the button with 33. SB makes it $3. HJ and I call. SB $130) is a reg, not a nit, and not a fish either. Overall a solid player who doesn't seemed too phased by big pots (I had stacked him in a big pot earlier, a big reason why I was 250bb deep). This is one of my leaks, as I'll discuss below.

    3 handed. FLOP: 10s-7h-3s.
    SB leads/cbets for 8. HJ shover the top, for about $27. I flat call after deciding to shove or flat. I'm not worried at all at this point...but then SB now reshoves, and it's on me. I have to call roughly $95 into a pot that, if i call, will be total of around $275...

    So, one of my leaks in the fear of getting stacked. I had a nice tidy profit at this table. It's funny because within the last two or three days I heard Jonathan Little mention this exact thing (how people are so scared to stacked in a cash game). Overall, studying last year, I did improve a lot. I have ran my bankroll up to just under (and at one point over) 3k playing 30nl and 50nl, and i work full-time, so I'm not under-rolled. I have gotten better, for the most part of thinking in terms of equity, not real-life dollar amounts. But that shove for $94 made me nervous. I'm not ashamed to admit this, because keeping it in does no good. Have you all overcome this?
    I think, in addition to the nice profit i didn't want to's the fact that, if I'm against 77 or 1010, I'm basicaly dead. Not even a fighting chance. The fear of putting in money with 1 out kept me from scooping what would have been the biggest pot I've won online. HJ had 109 of spades and SB had AJ of spades. Two brick roll off and I'm a little sick, and a little angry with myself. Assuming we know that either opponent isn't the world's biggest nit, is 33 always a snap call, no matter what? $275 in the middle and i threw away 65% equity. At 5.5 buy ins for that pot, it seems like a pretty big mistake. I feel like, once i lose that little bit of intimidation, and stop caring about the money, then I'll really make big strides and win more. At 30nl or 10nl I snap call all day. Anyway, what do you all think? And how does the short stack affect our descion? Are we even worried about him once SB shoves?
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    Wow , I can't believe anyone playing like u do can win. He didn't know how lucky he was..

    Somehow only tight players find their way to the forum
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      Hey Eddie what stakes do you play? You never seem to ya e any questions. Do you know what to do in every single spot? Why do you waste so much time on this horrible forum?
      could you do me a favor and never reply on my post? I’d really appreciate it


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        How can you know someone playing “like I do” based on one hand, where I’m aware I’m a nit? Can’t I improve?
        now you’re going to make some dumb excuse about how you didnt mean it or something. You really ought to get a life. Just go away lol you’re pointless being here. Also this forum sucks so bad surely you won’t miss it. What a tart.


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          Not hard to get a rise out of u...


            Editing a comment
            So it’s me who needs to fix something? You’re 100% not to blame right? Everyone ignores you because you never add anything relevant lol. But I’ll play along, I have poe you of time like you

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          Actually it is. You’re just dumb. You didn’t answer any of my questions. Why not?