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Transitioning From Cash To MTTs

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  • Transitioning From Cash To MTTs

    I'm strongly considering switching my focus from cash to MTTs.

    Anyone have any advice on doing so?

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    yeah, don't do it !

    MTT is for all or nothing players. Bankroll is key. I don't imagine you have large roll from playing micro cash.

    20x 200 ?

    40x 200 ?

    If you played mainly cash , you will run into many multiway spots you have never been before.


    • LondonImp
      LondonImp commented
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      You're right, I don't have a large bankroll. But I don't plan on flying straight into $5k tournaments :P

      I'm probably going to stick to a 100x BI to start off with for a few weeks and see how I feel with the increased variance.

      I don't think you have much experience in micro-cash, but there are LOADS of multiway spots, especially on the softer sites. There's lots of short-stack situations too against the recs who don't top up.

      The main difference will be ICM implications which don't exist in cash where 1 chip = 1 dollar.

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    If you want to be a good tournament player and you already have a cash game background, play a bunch of sitngos and run all the spots through ICMIZER while practicing using the PokerCoaching less than 40bb charts. Not that you should do it, but I bet a great tournament player could register with 50bb or less and have a decent win rate. They just understand all the profitable spots much better when playign with a shorter stack. Preflop ranges are completely different in tournaments due to antes, no rake and shorter effective stacks so you'll need to learn these things. If you're a PCP member, I think Matt Affleck has a really good class on playing postflop as a shortstack. He talks about adjustments he makes specifically when he's shorter stacked. PCP also has a 30 day tournament challenge which I think is really good primer.

    I recognize that sit n go play is completely different than tournament play but you want to get some final table expereince and heads up experience so that when you're deep in a tournament, you've already studied all these spots since that's where all the money is.

    If you play tournaments, you're going to feel bad beats way more because you are forced to be all in much more than cash games. So you'll be able to play 30 tournaments and have 15 bad beat stories every day you play. Recognize getting all in and losing flips is part of the game


    • LondonImp
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      Really good advice.

      Are you referring to single table SNGs, or the 45-90 man ones?

    • jamtay317
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      @Londonlmp he is referring to single table SNGs. The purpose is that when you get to a final table you have the experience where you go from 9 players to 1. The SNGs that are 45man are MTTs. I know they say that they are SNGs, but when it comes down to it they are an MTT.

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    I don't recommend playing sng.

    sng is not like final table. short stacked cash isn't like mtt spots.

    you don't know what is or is not good advice yet.


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    I know about the article , never read it. You have ? If your mtt games revolves around 0.3BB per 20 ... I really know a guy who played 200k mtt , averaging $0.10 profit per tourament.

    He had less than 3 first place finishes ... and all those years never moved up from micro stakes.

    You want to be like him ?


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      There are plenty of players that learn how to crush online MTT. The games are mostly soft but I think you must be able to put in a high volume and I mean like at 250 games a month.
      I can't do it so I jump from $10 to $250 and everything in-between and deal with big swings. That isn't a winning recipe but I don't mind because I like playing tournaments.


      • CrazyEddie Reloaded
        CrazyEddie Reloaded commented
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        I have alot of respect for people who can play a wider range of buy-ins. How the hell do they adjust from one game to the next , unless they are not ? can't say for sure...

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      LondonImp multi table SNGs will be better for sure. If you have the bankroll and the time, just play lots of MTTs instead so you have the full experience. But if you have a few hours most days of the week and then can play a full day on weekends, play sng on weekdays and full tournaments on weekends.