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Getting Started with Online Hand Histories

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  • Getting Started with Online Hand Histories

    I just started playing online due to the pandemic. Started at Ignition.

    - If I want to analyze my hand histories in a meaningful overall way (more than just one hand at a time), how many hands do I need for it to be a useful exercise?

    - How do I go about downloading the hands? I presume I'll need to get some version of Hold'em Manager? Do I actually download hands from Ignition into Hold'em Manager, or do I need to be running it as I play so it can capture as I play in real time? If I download, does ignition provide a way to do one big download?

    - If Ignition is the problem, is it better to just rack up hands on a different site that Hold'em Manager or similar software works better with? I'm not committed to Ignition, it's just the place I happened to pick to start with.


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    Hi a good samplesize were 50.000 hands i would think. Buy hm3 or pt4 and import the hands from Ignition manually for the first time . Then you need to make sure it will import your hands automatically in the future. If you want to improve make sure you can Analyse your game

    If it doesnt work with ignition defo change the Site. Gl