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Do you want a hand history replayer to share hands on this forum?

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  • Do you want a hand history replayer to share hands on this forum?

    For example offers this hand history converter so you can copy hands you play online on this forum.

    We can create a branded version of this but I want to know if there would be any demand for something like this?

    Tool to convert hands:

    Sample hand:
    GGPoker, Hold'em No Limit - $0.02/$0.05 - 6 players
    Replay this hand on CardsChat

    UTG (Hero): $5.12 (102 bb)
    MP: $5.07 (101 bb)
    CO: $6.30 (126 bb)
    BU: $5.38 (108 bb)
    SB: $10.70 (214 bb)
    BB: $5.00 (100 bb)

    Pre-Flop: ($0.07) Hero is UTG with A J
    Hero raises to $0.12, 1 fold, CO 3-bets to $0.48, BTN calls $0.48, 2 players fold, Hero calls $0.36

    Flop: ($1.51) 2 Q 9 (3 players)
    Hero checks, CO bets $0.76, BU folds, Hero raises to $4.64 (all-in), CO folds

    Total pot: $3.03 (Rake: $0)
    UTG (Hero) wins $3.03

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    To be honest the cardschat version is so quick and easy to use I'm not sure it would be worth the time and money.

    It would probably look a lot cleaner for the coaches to use during their hand quizzes but whether or not that would be enough to justify the investment would be up for debate...


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      That's helpful feedback. We definitely don't want to spend a lot of time / money on it so I agree with you. FYI if you like cardschat, you should use this one instead. This is the company that powers cardschats's hand history replayer.


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        Thanks for sharing.

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      I was thinking about trying to use a Hand Converter but never did as I am not great with things computer related. Is CardsChat easy to use and do you have to type in all the actions or can you transfer a hand from Holdem Manager 3?.


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        Go to this link:
        Then find any hand history in holdem manager and there is probably a way to get the actual hand history text file for that hand. In pokertracker when you replay a hand, there is a button somewhere to get the handhistory text.
        Paste it in the form and you'll get a link which you can then share here.

        You don't need to register or anything on the website to do this.

        Unfortunately there is no way to post live hands using this tool but it's great for sharing online hands


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          Thanks thereitis I managed to post a hand on the tournament forum using the link you gave me. What is the best way for me to have this link available to me in the future on a laptop? I suppose i can always google for the replayer and go from there.
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            Some people who use google chrome save bookmarks which are available then across computers as long as you are logged in on both computers. If you can't sync bookmarks, a low tech solution would be to email yourself the link and then add a bookmark to the link manually on both computers.


            • Joseph
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              Thanks, i am up and running