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Cleaning Up Equity PreFlop

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  • Cleaning Up Equity PreFlop

    Just watched the Cleaning Up Equity class. My question is can we and should we ever clean up equity preflop.

    Specifically, I'll find myself in the blinds with a mid pocket pair after a limped pot or a raise/c/c pot. These hands will play poorly OTF, unless we hit our set which will not happen often, and part of the reason it plays poorly is that there are so many chances for overcards to come. So in situations similar to this, after assessing the initial raiser's range and deciding its likely weak, is it a good idea to 3bet to try and clean up equity?

    Pros for this line - can get folds pre, still have equity if called, take the betting lead and can play somewhat aggressively on good boards post.

    Cons for this line - reopening action and not realizing our set mine equity if reraised, going to a bloated pot OOP with what's likely to become a marginal hand OTF.

    I mostly just call here against a raise and several callers, but will sometimes mix it up and try the steal. I did not know the words for the concept until today, but cleaning up equity fits my thought process. Get weaker overs to fold pre, try and take a decent pot down now instead of calling OOP.

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    Well, since there are more cons than pros..


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      Yes, but if the pros are more beneficial than the cons are detrimental...

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    A key point here, which you have identified, is the strength of the original opener's range.

    Another important point is the stack depth.

    And finally, we need to look at the playability of our own hand.

    We don't want to be making this play against a tight range (or ranges), as we're going to end up playing a large, multiway pot, OOP and this is just awful for us.

    I think this play probably functions best in MTT situations with stacks around the 20bb-25bb as our main option is to shove which is very powerful. There is often a lot of "dead" money in the pot which we can pick up which boosts our stack very nicely in terms of overall percentage.

    In terms of what hands we choose though, I would prefer hands that are hard to play post-flop, but that have a great blocker like Axo for example. 66 is very easy to play multiway when we're getting the correct odds to set-mine. Either we make a set and are happy getting the money in, or we don't and we fold.


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      If I were you, I wouldn't care about it so much. Issues with it, and therefore I don't know why you're caring this much about it. I mean, I get it there are so many cons of their butt it's not like the cons are going to harm the whole thing. Honestly, I care more about actual cleaning . Here are the pros are way more evident than the cons, and there isn't much I can say about it as it is obvious to absolutely everyone. So it's up to you whether to clean it or not
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