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would you have called the turn ?

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  • would you have called the turn ?

    solver says

    preflop mix it up between limping and raising

    flop very close between betting small and checking , solver checks 100% of the time

    when the villian bets 9000 i am 100% indifferent between calling or raising small , never fold (picture1)

    on the turn this is a 100% call , folding is a clear mistake

    solver doesnt like folding out equity : )

    if you think about it villian doesnt likely has an Ace given the passive preflop action , he might have a Q , but would he play that aggressively on 2 streets with a Q when there is an A on the board ? the answer is no .. so every K, T, J might be good

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    Why don't you think that he has an A here? Yes, with an A he is likely to raise preflop, but depending on the player he could have an A. I don't like calling flop, I like check-raising flop because when he calls you know he has something. When he has the KcXx he folds.

    now the turn, the solver says call but what range did you give him, I would assume that this would be a check-raise as well. I do not think you have any showdown value here if he is betting 2 streets.


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      I also thought maybe err on the side of aggression whenever indifferent ..

      but if you raise , the other guy may not believe u either ... maybe that why software prefers limpy cally style.

      I wonder if there are people out there whose game was made worse as result of software.
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      • CrazyEddie Reloaded
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        there is merit in calling that turn.

      • LondonImp
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        There are definitely people out there who are now playing worse due to software. It's good as a baseline, but the full strategies are just too complex for humans to properly balance and so there's a big risk in trying.

      • jamtay317
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        Why do you think there is merit in calling the turn? you have no showdown value and you have a draw. To me, that screams aggression.

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      I would tend to raise preflop, but limping is fine. Either way, I would bet small on the flop with the intention of triple barreling most of the time unless the turn is an A or Q. If I check/called the flop, I would tend to fold the turn. I highly doubt many people are betting the flop and turn as wide as the solver thinks they are.