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would you called the river ? why am I supposed to block bet on the river?

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  • would you called the river ? why am I supposed to block bet on the river?

    here i had a close spot , not a gigantic pot, but worth solving it

    i had a diamond blocker and second top pair , in game given his betsizings i felt like he actually wanted me to call

    would you called the river ?

    solver says

    preflop i am indifferent between raising or limping , more often the solver would raise but limping is totally fine

    flop i thought i have bdfd, bdsd and 1 overcard so i need to bet , even oop and the solver sometimes likes checking better and sometimes likes betting better depending on the betsize

    with my choosed betsize 42% potsize he likes checking better (see photo1)

    but if i enlarge the betsize a little bit to 50% potsize solver likes betting 95% of the time ! (see photo2)

    so lets say if at all i only made a small mistake on the flop

    as played on the turn the solver is completely indifferent whether it is better to check or bet half pot EV wise (see picture 3)

    in game i was a little unsure but given solvers like checking oop in close spots better more often i thought check-calling can not be that bad

    when villian bets half pot solver wants me to call 100% of the time

    as played on the river the solver is again indifferent between checking or betting (small) EV wise , but to my surprise 86% of the time the solver prefers betting small (block betting) although villian made a decent aggresssive betting move on the turn (see picture 4)

    why is this ?

    on the river solver says i made a big mistake by folding , this is an easy call : (

    given the big river mistake i only played this hand at intermediate level (picture 5)