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Newish with question about wsd%

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  • Newish with question about wsd%

    Hey guys, I’m newish to poker tracker 4 and over 15k hands my won at showdown percentage is 55. Is this good? Or does it mean I am barely over break even? Thanks in advance! -Jeff

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    My own WSD (won $ at showdown) is 54.75%. Poker Tracker 4's Leak Tracker function identifies this as being "good": "The value of this stat falls within the range of values considered normal for solid winning players."

    I cannot say how much faith to put in this evaluation.


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      55 sounds about right.

      If it gets much higher it means that:

      a) you are not bluffing enough
      b) you are folding too frequently


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        I don't think you can just look at that one stat. I presume since you're asking because you aren't winning or not winning as much as you think you should.
        How often are you getting to showdown?. How often are you winning when you see a flop? How often are you winning when you call a river bet or raise?

        WSD is 54.88
        WTSD 36.11 I'm a bit of a calling station, this needs improvement.
        WWSF 41.18 which is low but that can be chalked up to the micro games full of calling stations. When you see a lot of flops 4-6 handed you just can't win them enough.
        WSD after calling river bet or raise 44.62 - this might be the most important river stat and it's my best of the 4.