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bet flop - check-raise turn

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  • bet flop - check-raise turn

    today i searched in my database for spots where i bet the flop and check raised the turn

    i could only find a few

    here is one

    i am pretty sure the solver is not happy with my play at all

    solver says

    preflop i am indifferent EV wise between calling or raising pot

    flop solver loves to check or bet small (indifferent but checking 75% of the time, see picture 1 )

    so my betsize is way too big

    on the turn solver loves to check 93% and to bet half pot 7% , both options have the same EV (see picture2)

    after checking when villian bets big on the turn solver wants me to fold and this is not even close

    so my move is a clear mistake GTO wise

    i probably had a read on villian (very aggressive HUD stats)

    i made one small mistake (flop betsize) and 1 big mistake , i played at beginner level (see picture3)

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    Does the solver ever return a result recommending you check raise? I think this would be a spot to check raise flop, not turn.


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      since i did not check on the flop i cannot review whether solver recommends check raising , i can only see which hands he would open check with and how often on the flop (see photo 1-4)

      on the turn i did check raise but solver wants me to fold my whole continuing range (see photo 5)