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would you guys really check back the river ?

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  • would you guys really check back the river ?

    lets analyse a hand quickly

    preflop this is a fold because i sit in ep with many players behind me , therefore i need to play tight and i need at least 77 to open the pot

    it is not like i dont know this but in those low stakes i deviate from the optimal strategy because some players make big blunders and it is worth it to my mind

    i decided to limp instead of raising which i do very seldomly , solver says EV wise limping here is better than raising , see picture 1

    flop this is a check according to the solver , to be honest i was multitabling and forget my limping action pre, i thought i raised preflop and then i thought i have the effective range and the nut adavantage so lets bet quite big

    the problem is i am vs 2 (and the board is quite wet) and i have almost no equity with my 22

    on the turn solver wants me to bet pot 15% of the time and to check 85% of the time (picture 2)

    but betting 67% is also fine (picture 2)

    river allin is the optimal betsize but checking has the most EV by far so the solver would check back 100% of the time

    lets say i screwed this hand up : )

    would you guys really check back the river ?

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    Solvers prefer checking back the river in these spots because the value you might extract is not worth the possible mistakes you will make facing a raise from a well balanced opponent.

    Basically it's not worth reopening the action and it's best to guarantee 100% equity realisation.


    • Guido
      Guido commented
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      this might be the case but it is not convincing to me , there is a lot of value in thin-betting the river

      in my games there are not a lot of well balanced players

    • LondonImp
      LondonImp commented
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      Yeah it all comes down to the strength of your opponents.

      I often find thin-value betting and then folding to my opponents' (unbalanced) raises is the best course of action.