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  • Got a doozie for ya

    So, generally the cash games I play online are straightforward. Especially true with players playing less than 100bb effective. At a 9 handed 50nl table, I open from UTG2 with AK off to 1.50. The player right after me now min-3bets to 2.50 (about 90bb effective). Everyone folds and I call. (Mistake?)
    Flop: KQJ rainbow. I check, villain fires (normal-sized) cbet. I call
    Turn:K I check, he checks back.
    River: Ace. Not sure exact suits but no flush draw on board. Hero?

    The result...As I said, these games are quite the moment I think to myself...if i check, I'm check-raising, and if he has aces, he's jamming. But, If I bet, and he raises, I can call, get off cheaply and avoid being coolered for the maximum. Because I doubt he three bets jacks...MAYBE nit even queens. But here's the thing...he checked the turn. Would queens ever check the turn? I highly doubt it. So, if he's extremely unlikely to have queens, and kings isn't possible, what does he have? And, if check or bet and get raised, what does he call a jam with, since queens is really really unlikely.
    I made up my mind of potentially losing value (but really, the more I think about it, I'm either beat or chopping, so this has be a losing scenario anyway, doesn't it? was okay. Like I said if i check, I have to check-raise, and then he jams and I miserably call it off. The key is checking the turn. Queens, IF he even 3bets, doesn't check the turn. So I throw out a small bet of 1.50, get raised to 6-7 dollars, and of course I call.

    What would you be thinking about in this spot, and how would you play it?

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    I would probably bet around pot/shove if it's not too much (Can't figure out the exact pot size you arrived to on the river).

    You are literally beat by one single combo, you can't be too worried that he has exactly Aces. If he has them, so be it, I am quite happy with my hand.
    While we are at it, he could also have AK himself, that he could certainly play like this.

    He can still have QQ or JJ, he might be trying to trap you, albeit it won't happen all the time. Maybe he has A10s that got scared now..who knows.

    I think it's too much to assume he always has exactly Aces here. Again, it's just one combo. You are basically saying you are ready to fold absolutely your entire range unless you have the first nuts. It's too tight in my opinion.