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Quiz 279 - 55 in BB vs Btn

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  • Quiz 279 - 55 in BB vs Btn

    Alex Fitzgerald, quiz 279: You have 55 in the BB and a TAG on the Btn (110BB effective stacks) OR's 2.5x. Alex says his databases show much better results 3-betting (he recommends 3.2x) than calling here. JL's charts say to just call with 55 in the BB vs a Btn OR. If Alex is correct, what else should we be 3-betting from the BB vs LP opens?

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    I prefer sticking to the ranges in general. There will always be spots vs very specific opponents where I will deviate.
    The charts keep it nice and simple. As you can see we have 58 *value* hands and 44 *bluffs*. So whenever we get
    4-bet we automatically know to defend our value range (57%) (given the correct odds) and maybe 54s, 43s meaning
    we can defend up to about 65% of our range.

    If we are *bluffing* with 55 does that mean we are also bluffing 22-44? If so we end up over folding when played back it
    or find ourselves set mining at an inflated price that really isn't necessary.

    I'm not here yet but we can also choose and we should have this in our game a 5-bet Range which might look like
    AA KK and maybe a hand like AJs and or KQs. Maybe it's even supposed to be our worst 3-bet bluff hands like 64s and 53s.
    As I said I don't know how to handle these spots yet and to be frank it isn't necessary in the vast majority of games I play because
    99% of the 4-bets I face will be pure value, QQ+ (maybe JJ+) and maybe AK and they will never fold to a 5-bet so having a bluff range
    is lighting money on fire.


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      nice article from kkep, especially explanations of defending ranges.