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this hand is kind of strange

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  • this hand is kind of strange

    strange is villians exact hand

    strange is perhaps that i did not bet the flop

    strange is that i called the turn bet with King high but onthe other side ihad a gutshot draw and 2 overcards and betsizing of villian was not that big

    lets see what the solver says

    preflop raise 100% (limping has almost the same EV)

    on flop this is a 100% bet 50% potsize (ckecking has almost the same EV)

    on turn never fold , EV wise you are indifferent between between calling and raising small , solver mixes roughly 50/50 (see picture 1)

    as played on the river when the villian checks to me i am supposed to bet 100% of the time (see picture 2) because it has a little more EV than checking back

    although I made 2 small mistakes i played at an extra-terrestrial level (see picture 3) because the mistakes are no blunders at all

    I have a question for you

    on the flop solver says this is a 50% potsize spot

    why not 25% ?

    I would think i have the range advantage but not the nut advantage (villian should have more FD , more 3x, 6x, 45s, equal Tx) so i need to bet frequently and small ?

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