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why did i get that little value ?

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  • why did i get that little value ?

    should i have raised preflop ?

    should i have bet bigger on flop ?

    on flop i had no range advantage , no advantage to my mind

    solver says

    preflop limp 76 % of the time and raise 24% of the time

    flop bet 31% potsize 70 % of the time and check back 30% of the time

    turn the optimal betsize is 25% potsize (i guess this is because i had no range advantage , no advantage on turn)

    you need to play your whole range not your exact monster hand

    on the river betting 86% potsize is no mistake and slightly better than checking (86% potsize suboptimal betsize, see picture 1)

    but in general betting 50% potsize is optimally and given this checking 100% is optimally considering your whole range (picture2)

    the more you plan to bet the less often you can do this profitably and the more often it needs to work

    all in all i didnt lose value

    on the contrary solver would earn less value

    i played at extra-terrestrial level with no mistake (see picture 3)
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