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how I made a huge call

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  • how I made a huge call

    what are your thoughts on this ?

    villian was a huge fish , this kind of helped : )

    solver says

    preflop i should have flatted because raising is a bit too aggressive , hm this is surprising to me

    on flop this is a clear fold for the solver

    solver says i played at beginner level

    what are your thoughts on this ?

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    I'm always raising pre.
    I'm never folding on the flop lol. If that idiot shows up with AA, trips or better I make a note and never pay him off again.
    That said I have tagged a few players that will always play the nuts that way and ppl (beginners) like me pay them off, once.


    • Guido
      Guido commented
      Editing a comment
      valid tactic , but you are no beginner ^^