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  • Poker Apps - anybody winning?

    JL commented on 'A Little Coffee...' a while back that several winning pros he knew couldn't beat the apps, implying that they were rigged in some way. I've also had the same experience - I've beaten loads of online sites since 2001 (for over $1.5 million) but couldn't beat Upoker or Pokerbros. I also had the worst downswings ever on those apps, both times after initially winning substantially after about 10k hands. Other successful pros at my local casino also lost and gave up. Anybody else here have the same experience, or is there possibly someone who has actually won after a meaningful sample of hands? (20k+)

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    I remember my friend won something big. But before that he played very often and very much. I've been playing with him for several years at this casino W88. And we play every weekend on this site. By the way, I also hit a big jackpot. I was finally lucky because it was mostly my friend who won in this casino, I was not so lucky. The game in which I am lucky is always dice. I almost never lost in this game, but as they say, won today, lost tomorrow, so you have to be careful.
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      here on this forum, everyone has 15 million winning and beast that app


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        I remember all my friends talking about Libratus every night.
        It was a sensation! The best heads-up poker players were weaker than this program, after a 20-day match, people lost two million dollars to the computer.


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          I don't think gambling is a big mistake. I know that many people lost their houses and even wives in games, but they can't control themselves. In my opinion, if you can't control yourself in the game, you can't control yourself in real life. I usually play Online Slots, and this is a pretty good game for making money, but I understand what my limits are, and I understand when I need to stop. For example, when I enter a game and see that I lose several times in a row, I understand that it is not my day and come back later.
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