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what are your thoughts on this hand ?

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  • what are your thoughts on this hand ?

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    the villian was a strong reg

    i was really thinking about folding the river as his btsize screamed strength

    solver says

    preflop i am supposed to raise 100% of the time 50% potsize (mistake 1) since i am having a top-notch hand and even though your opponent reps a strong hand you shoud have raised for value

    flop calling is the only play that makes sense whatsoever

    turn calling is decently better than raising small, so solver calls 100% of the time

    river EV wise you are indifferent between calling and folding , solver would call 78% of the time and fold 22 % of the time

    all in all solver says i played this hand at an extra-terrestrial Level but I lost EV preflop by just flatting

    what are your thoughts on this hand ?
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