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have i absolutely misplayed this hand on flop and river ?

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  • have i absolutely misplayed this hand on flop and river ?

    on the flop cbetting could be better

    on the river checking back could be better

    solver says

    on flop this is a 100% check back no matter the potential betsize

    i could also see upsides for betting small but the solver doesnt lie : )

    on turn solver says EV wise you are indifferent between calling and raising small , but 92% of the time solver calls

    on the river solver says you have to bet 100% of the time with 50% potsize

    again i bet too small on rivers

    if i wanted to deviate from the gto solution and would choose a default river betsize of 25% (as played) than EV wise you are indifferent between checking (73% of the time) and betting (37% of the time)

    i think given the effective stack on the river a 25% potsize is defensible and as you can then checking back should be the play the majority of the time

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    On flop, the SPR is 2. We will have no problem getting it in on later streets. I would check.
    On turn, villain could have a flush draw or a gut shot, call and keep him bluffing.
    On river, you have a bluff catcher. If he bets I would call, and if he checks, you probably have the best hand most of the time (depending on your table image).
    I would have bet 1/3 to try to get called by a worse ten. But checking back leaves us 10 BB if we lose. I'm surprised the solver wants us to bet 2/3 of our stack on the river, only leaving us 4 BB if we lose. I guess it doesn't consider that. Just the math.
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      good post, thx, lets say you would have played the hand exactly as i did : )

      the solver is not originally designed for tournament play , so i keep this is mind always

      in the perfect solver world everybody has deep stacks : )

      on the river i was pretty confident i have the best hand : (