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Range Analyzer: an alternative to the FTT version

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  • Range Analyzer: an alternative to the FTT version

    Hey guys,

    Big fan for the FTT tools, Range Analyzer is one of them. Sometimes I found it a bit hard to use. So I recently made a Range Analyzer tool similar to it. It's free for everyone to use too. I also made a short video to explain it. If you need a Range Analyzer, feel free to take a look. Feedbacks are welcomed! Cheers!

    The tool:
    The video:

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    That looks interesting. I'll have to give it a whirl. As a student I like to do the work myself but I wouldn't mind running this afterwards to see how
    they compare and then also compare both to how JL plays the ranges.


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      I like the suit selection. Lot's of work. Good job


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        Can you explain how to use the Range Trainer? Thank you for the work you have put in to this!
        I cannot see the buttons for options to raise , call, fold etc
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