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would you have played the hand differently ?

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  • would you have played the hand differently ?

    would you raise preflop

    would you check back flop ?

    how would you size your betting on turn and river ?

    solver says

    fold preflop

    bet flop 25% potsize 97% of the time and check back 3% of the time

    if the default betsize were 50% solver would check 100% of the time

    checking is no mistake no matter the betsize

    but betting 25% should be the default and i can remember in game i was very unsure whether to check or to bet small

    as played on turn i am suppoesed to bet 25% potsize 100% of the time

    again i bet too big although betting 67% potsize is no mistake according to the solver

    as played on the river i am supposed to bet 50% potsize

    it is strange on the turn i bet too big and on the river i bet too small

    on the river i wanted to let mysef room consodering bet folding on the spade river when villian check raises , thats why i was betting so small

    thoughts ?

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    Yes pre flop, betting that flop for sure. I like your bet sizing on the turn, don't think any Kx is folding although they might have a better 2 pair which might be why the solver likes the smaller size.. So now I do like the smaller bet but playing along with you I made the same mistake. I use the blocker bet too but may or may not fold to a x/r . The solver river is interesting.