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    If you never had a HUD and you purchase one set up your tags ASAP. I'm now going through the process of reviewing and properly tagging all of my H v V river actions.
    Not fun with 200+ hands to review and tag. I feel like there should be (a lot) more so after I do these I'll try and tweak my filters to see what's up.

    Initially my reason for doing this was to see how many polar river bets I made and how many were bluffs vs value and the success rates. Now it's blown up into
    reviewing value bets and what might be the optimal bet sizing. river bluff won/lost, blocker bets, bluff catching, 3-bets from SB that went to the river and were bet or
    where I called river, I actually found 2 river donk bets by me which I would have thought I never did. Another really big bonus is I'm getting to add player notes that
    I may or may not have added on PS. It's nice to know who the bad stations are vs players that seem to be making the correct calls without it costing me any more chips
    to have gained that additional information.

    It's nice to see I'm making some progress too. This hand was played in Nov. one of my first online games ever. Today this is a triple barrel without question. It's kinda
    neat to replay the hands street to street to see how I would play those hands today compared to yesterday so to speak.

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    Are you using HEM or Poker Tracker? . I have HEM3 but don't know how to use it properly though i have the basic stats up and can click on player to get pre flop pop up.
    What do you mean by setting up tags?


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      I have PT4, while I'm playing I tag hands for review later. But they were all very general so that made it hard to find certain spots.
      Not sure for HEM but it's probably similar if you right click a hand in your database it should bring up a box with a list of actions.

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    I am curious on which tags you have. Here are mine. Click image for larger version

Name:	poker tags.png
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      Very similar, I think they could have much better icons tho. I also have tags for SB 3-Bet bluffs, SB call. River Bluffs won, River bluffs lost, Polar bets, Blocker bets, Bluff catch