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have i just been lucky to get full value ?

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  • have i just been lucky to get full value ?

    is this a bad play vs villians whole range ?

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    i was playing that aggressively beginning on turn because i was targeting especially villians Ax

    solver says

    preflop i am supposed to call

    flop i am supposed to open check (betting small were also fine); when villians bets 133 this is a 100% call here and has by far more EV than every other option

    turn i am supposed to check or lead small (checking has a little more EV)

    leading with a small betsize because i guess he has way more Ax than i have 6x so i might not have the nut advantage

    on river villian has a potsize left

    oop solver prefers to check (raise) 100% (has a little bit more EV than betting small)

    we will never know whether i could have also stacked villian by taking the passive line on all streets (i guess not because i could clearly have an Ace)

    all in all i am happy with the way i played the hand although playing not GTO : )