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When to Fire Another Bullet in a Re-Entry Tournament?

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  • When to Fire Another Bullet in a Re-Entry Tournament?

    Re-entry tournaments are the Devil, of course, a wicked scheme by the cardrooms and sites to suck more juice out of the poker economy. But they are a feature of the landscape, and we have to accept them as they are (even if we are also lobbying to change this).

    As a general rule, I only fire one bullet in the tournaments in which I play.

    Am I right to do this? Some of the time there will surely be opportunities when firing another bullet makes sense. But how do I recognize these opportunities?

    Here are some factors I can think of off the top of my head:
    • Overlay, i.e., the number of entries seems unlikely to hit the guarantee.
    • Quality of the field - if the players are really bad, it makes sense to throw more money into the game.
    • Stage of the tournament - if it is late enough that a re-entry stack stands a serious chance of making it into the money it might be worthwhile to fire again.

    Any other ideas? And how should I put these and other factors together to make the decision to fire again?

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    I think Player friendly were rebuy tournaments but casinos want your extra rake , so reentry is the default in those days

    However they are not only a bad thing

    You just need to play low enough , dont play in games where you cannot easily afford 2 reentries

    The Weaker players will feed the price Pool for sure , so if you have an edge it is minus ev to not reentry

    For multi flight reentry events: If you are not bankroll Disciplined enough or you really want to take a shot , play only the last flight and Set yourself reentry Limits

    If the field is very weak or it is an overlay mtt i need at least 20 bb to reentry

    If the field is weak 30 bb

    If the field is stronger i want roughly 50 bb

    Another Aspekt could be your short term poker future plans meaning can you instead play a Juice cg ? Will you play an early Bird mtt next day ? Things like this

    Brm is everything


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      why wicked scheme ? I don't follow ... why not embrace it ? more clueless players , you get more than 1 shot at it

      why not fire another bullet asap ?
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