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PT4 Hero vs Winning Players

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  • PT4 Hero vs Winning Players

    How can I determine if the V is a winning player overall then compare how I fared against them in common hands?
    Is that even possible?

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    This is driving me crazy.

    For example taking one V I have a gross won $23/gross loss $154.34/net winnings -$127.34 BUT I have actually won $97.82 vs that V when I look at the HH.

    I don't know, another one that is way out of whack. My HH says I won $1291.16, I absolutely crushed this guy over 123 hands but the summary says my net winnings are -$124.38

    I give up on this project

    Maybe if I include a screen shot someone can help me make sense of this. I'm going to blot out the V's names tho he is in red.

    Click image for larger version

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      I bring up the same report in my own Poker Tracker data and see the same thing: the sum of the individual hands does not match the net win or loss versus the villain.

      It might be worth asking about this in the Poker Tracker forums.


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        I went to the forum - this answer is accurate The top half of the 'Hero vs Villain' report is built to show money won/lost versus specific players however the hand report below is still the total profit from those hands so if you are not playing exclusively heads up then you will be exchanging money with other players.

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        That makes sense