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have I missed value ?

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  • have I missed value ?

    damn i could have stacked him

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    solver says

    preflop fold

    flop bet 50% potsize ! (twice as much as i did)

    i guess this is because you are supposed to target the aces with a higher wager

    when turning the effective nuts solver says EV wise you are indifferent between checking (92%) and betting small 25% potsize (8%)

    i guess this is because solver hates losing its customers

    so i didnt lose value on turn , i even bet too big

    on river this is a 50% potsize bet , but my 76% potsize is also fine

    all in all i didnt lose value my hand vs villians range

    i lost value my hand vs villians exact hand but you play vs a range not vs a specific hand !


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      K3s isn't anywhere near my calling range BTN v LJ even 100bb deep in a cash game!

      As stacks decrease aren't we supposed to start ditching the implied odds hands in favour of hands that can start flopping TPTK and similar?


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        Thx when quite deep i like flatting a little loose and proceed carefully


        • LondonImp
          LondonImp commented
          Editing a comment
          Haha I guess "deep" is a relative term depending on which format we prefer.

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        For a turbo tournament Player 48 bb is decently deep