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    Does anyone else experience the links not working on Pokersnowie? I signed up for a free trail and played 200 hands and now I log in to check my work and nothing works? Even the email support link is dead? Very strange. I can not even start a new game let alone check my results from the last one.

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    I have worked with snowie today , everything was fine . I love snowie a lot , perhaps your Trial period is over or trial is limited to 200 hands?


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      I had glitches like that as well. I think that was one of the reasons why I never really liked poker. I have been in a few tournaments but I never really understood the game and it never made me happy. I do love me some slots though. I have been playing slots not that long but it is one of the coolest games I have ever played. I went to Vegas a few times but after the pandemic kicked in I switched to online casino rooms. One of my personal favorite online casino rooms is joker123. It is fairly new but they are fairly cool. They have some really nice bonus programs especially for new players as well as the fact that they have some really nice prize pools. I won some things there already but nothing major yet. I am not going to stop though hehe. I think if you guys want to try out slots you can try them there.
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